Loving pencil dress without making your butt looks huge from behind?

Item: ZOZO Pencil-dress
Brand: ZOZO
Price: Rm 30
Description: Fit size S

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera

Due to me furthering my studies at down under, this site has been dead.
But I will re-attempt to relive this site.

Feeling girly but sporty, black and white?
Get this black collar, white one piece

Item: Sporty black and white
Price: Rm 35
Description: Fit size S to M


Don't we just love dresses?
Get this sweet knee-length dress!

Item: Black, sleeveless dress with flowery skirts
Brand: Forever 21
Price: Rm 25
Description: Fit size S to M, legging and cardigan are not included. Worn once.
How about casual dress but with big gesture for a cute skirt!
Get this casual grey dress with ruffle cocktail skirt!


Feeling simply lace for top and big gesture on your skirts?
How Korean! :D The curtains became a style!

Item: White lace, peach curtain-long skirts
Price: Rm 30
Description:Never Worn.


Feeling girly under the sunshine chicas?
Get this lovely pink-ish with flowery skirt dress

Anyong haseyo~
Feeling the Korean, sweet style?
Get this kimono top with floral long skirts (3/4) one piece!

Item: Korean kimono black and flowery dress
Brand: No brand
Price: Rm 30
Description: Fit size XS to M, legging are not included. NEVER WORN! (just this purpose though.That's an exception ;))


Want to eat spaghetti with a carbonara sauce?
Get this  dress! A black spaghetti with a black and red flowery skirt!

Item: Black with flowery dress
Price: Rm 25
Description: Fit size S to M. Worn once only! 

Feeling sunny like the sunshine?
Get this long yellow dress that will make you more loved by the sun ;)

Item: Yellow Temt Dress
Brand: Temt (Australian brand)
Price: Rm 40
Description: Never worn, size 10.

Feeling a little girly today?
Get this flowery blouse for a youthful feel!

Item: Flowery blouse
Price: Rm 10
Description: Fit size S to M
Feeling fancy?
Get this unique pattern dress!
It'll sure gives you a different personality ;)

Item: Tribal pattern dress
Brand: Uttam London
Price: RM 30
Description: size S 
Tired of dresses and prefer a casual looks?
Get this funky brown stripes shirt with stylish pocket 'cardigan'!
It is sewn on the shirt already and you feel comfortable and it's not even a jacket or a heaty cardigan!

Item: Brown stripes shirt with short brown cardi
Price: Rm 15
Description: Fit size XS to M. All in one set
Feeling elegant?
Try a long sleeves pencil mini-dress

Item: Long sleeves, black pencil mini dress
Brand: Kitschen
Price: Rm 28 
Description: Fit size XS to M, legging is not included.
Tired of black and white and feeling extra girly?
Grab this sexyback purple cocktail dress!

Item: Purple and blue cocktail party dress
Brand: Femme
Price: Rm 28
Description: Fit size XS to M, legging and belt are not included.


Looking for a peachy theme like this website?
Get this top from Arcadia!

Item: Peach blouse
Brand: Arcadia
Price: Rm 18
Description: Worn once. Size M. May be One Size as well.
Loving the stars and grey colour?
Get this cutesy grey dress for a simple, young look!

Item: Grey star dress
Brand: Sweet Chic
Price: Rm 10
Description: Fit size XS to S, legging and cardigan are not included.
Dark black at the same time still a cheerful sunshine?
Get this long, black, sleeveless blouse! You can wear it with a cardigan too!

Item: Black blouse with pockets
Brand: Supre
Price: Rm 20
Description: Australian brand. Bought for 69 AUD during Summer 2010


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Feeling purple? You don't need red for passion, you'll need purple for romance when you're out on a date. safe date ;)
(pardon the pic above.lighting problem. the actual colour is as below)

Item: The purple dress
Brand: Valley Girl
Price: Rm 25
Description: Australian brand, size 6, wore once, belt is included!